About Me

Wow, welcome to my site! To my future fans, family + friends, I am finally making my mark on the world wide web.

I invite you all to enjoy, appreciate, and create with me.

CHECK ME OUT HERE ON YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/2Uo4Yrd

Who is she?

  1. 20-something based in the Bay Area
  2. Work full time in the FinTech space
  3. A Weirdo
  4. Next to food, trendy fashion is my obsession
  5. Mommy to a boxer/shepherd/pit mix [Adopt Don’t Shop!]

Below is a snippet of what’s happening the food world:


Basic California Favorite


Yours truly.


Refueling the day @Plentea


Fancy Breakfast-homemade lox


My Version of Zhajiangmian

Looking for Something?